The Globe and Mail | Will the video platform kill the TV spot?

"A man dressed in pristine white and served by a resigned, glum assistant touts the technological prowess of his district. He exhorts others to love their labour, and to glorify their dystopian nation.

The video – part of a series called District Voices on the fictional state-controlled Capitol TV channel – is not just another cog in the vast marketing machine of The Hunger Games film franchise. It is also an attempt by Google Inc. to expand the relationship advertisers have with its video platform, YouTube.

The series is a partnership between Google and film studio Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. All of the five videos released this week star YouTube "creators." The man in white, Derek Muller, is a frequent contributor who creates videos about science. Mr. Muller shared the Hunger Games video with the more than 1.9 million subscribers on his Veritasium YouTube channel. The participating creators have a combined subscriber base of 4.9 million people, the kind of viewership that makes TV advertisers salivate."

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